G. Rossini - La Gazzetta, Salzburger Landestheater, 2019

Lisetta - Tamara Ivaniš, Filippo - George Humpreys, Alberto - Nico Darmanin
©Anna Maria Löffelberger/ Salzburger Landestheater

“…Soprano Tamara Ivaniš is a captivating Lisetta, offering a radiant abundance of coloratura virtuosity and secure high notes – here bright, there delicate.“ 4/4/2019, Heike Haberl, Donaukurier

“As Lisetta, Tamara Ivaniš masters the most vocally demanding role, letting her agile soprano flow with ever greater freedom and brilliance as the evening progresses.” 22/1/2019, Florian Oberhummer, Salzburger Nachrichten

“Filippo (George Humphreys) has to fight many a battle with the clever Lisetta (Tamara Ivaniš), and they both squabble with vocal and comedic brilliance. Sonorous baritone versus agile soprano, with the victor remaining undetermined until the finale.” 27/1/2019, Elisabeth Pichler, Dorfzeitung

“Tamara Ivaniš is the cunning Lisetta, whose clear soprano shines — sometimes testy, sometimes tender – and her brilliantly etched coloratura triumphs.” 21/01/19, Elisabeth Aumiller, Drehpunktkultur

J. Offenbach – Hoffmanns Erzählungen, Salzburger Landestheater, 2017 

Franz Supper – Hoffmann, Carmen Seibel - Niclaus, Tamara Ivaniš – Olympia, Chor des Salzburger Landestheaters
©Anna Maria Löffelberger/ Salzburger Landestheater

„The most singer-friendly moment is when the outstanding soprano Tamara Ivaniš is allowed to sing the few words of the puppet Olympia in the original French. Her virtuoso aria succeeds brilliantly, and as a doll, her actions are skillfully “mechanical”, displaying astonishingly cheeky wit.”  25/09/17, Heidemarie Klabacher, Drehpunktkultur

“But the other singers made up for it, above all Tamara Ivaniš as Olympia, who was effortlessly brilliant at every vocal pinnacle…” 5/1/2018, Florian Amort, Opern-kritik

“Tamara Ivaniš sang the clever doll, Olympia. In contrast to the rest of the opera, which was sung in the German translation, Ivaniš – a very talented singer and actor, performed the well-known aria in French. This instantly brought a different mood into the hall; one immediately felt more at ease, along with a little more levity and charm. “25/9/2017, Stephan Reimertz, Das verliebte Genie

“Tamara Ivaniš captivates as a splendid, doll-like Olympia with razor-sharp coloratura.” 27/9/2017, Elisabeth Pichler, Dorfzeitung

“The very young Tamara Ivaniš is an Olympia with secure coloratura, who also plays the automaton perfectly.” 25/9/2017, Helmut Christian Mayer, Kurier

“Tamara Ivaniš as the doll Olympia gets top marks with her brilliantly performed, virtuoso aria.“ Salzburger Nachrichten

J. Haydn – Il mondo della Luna, Salzburger Landestheater, 2015

Flaminia - Tamara Ivaniš, Clarice - Laura Nicorescu

©Anna-Maria Löffelberger/Salzburger Landestheater

“Only 20 years old and studying in Vienna, Tamara Ivaniš also showed what potential exists in the young Croatian as she sang the arias Ragion nell’alma siede and Se la mia stella. Upon hearing her coloratura, one can only wholeheartedly wish her a splendid career.” 28/12/2015 Florian Amort, Opern-kritik

“The most difficult role of the evening was mastered by Tamara Ivaniš, who is clearly skilled in coloratura, which she also proved last year as Queen of the Night.” Siegfried Steinkogler, Dorfzeitung